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Press Release of the Opening of the 125th Session of China Import and Export Fair

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The Press Conference forthe opening of the 125th session of China Import and Export Fairwas held in Canton Fair Complex in the morning of April 14th. Mr. XuBing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair, Deputy Director General of China ForeignTrade Centre, introduced the characteristics, highlights andpreparation of this session to press from home and abroad.

Xu Bingintroduced that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the foundingof New China, a crucial year to build a moderately prosperous society in allrespects. At present, world economic growth has slowed and trade protectionismhas been on the rise. China faces more complex and severe environment inforeign trade development and arduous tasks to achieve stable growth of foreigntrade. To hold the 125th Canton Fair successfully is of greatsignificance to drive the supply-side structural reform of foreign trade,accelerate developing new competitive advantages and achieving the yearly goalof stable and quality growth of foreign trade.

In the125th session, we will follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought onSocialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and implement the spiritof the 19th CPC Congress, the second and third plenary sessions ofthe 19th CPC Central Committee and the instructions of PresidentXi’s congratulatory letter. According to Central Economic Work Conference andNational Commerce Work Conference, we will stick to the principle ofmaintaining stability while pursuing progress, and implement new developmentconcepts. To pursue high-quality development, we will advance supply-sidereform in deep structure, optimize exhibition structure and improve exhibitionquality, continue to improve Canton Fair’s specialization, market-orientation,information technology application and international development, and build aplatform for all-round opening up. Therefore we will make new contribution tothe stable and quality growth of foreign trade, to the building of a strongtrading nation and the open economic development.

Xu Bing introduced that the wholearrangement of the 125th Canton Fair remains the same and exhibitionsize steady. The 125th session will still be held in three phaseswith a total exhibition area of 1.185 million square meters and 60,651 booths.Phase 1 starts from April 15th to 19th, exhibitingElectronics and Household Electrical Appliances, Lighting Products, VehiclesSpare Parts, Machinery, Hardware & Tools, Building Materials, ChemicalProducts and Energy Products. Phase 2 starts from April 23rd to 27th,showing Daily Consumer Goods, Gifts and Home Decoration Products. Phase 3starts from May 1st to 5th, showing Textile and Garment,Shoes, Cases and Bags, Recreation Products, Medicine and Healthcare Productsand Food.

16categories of products will be exhibited in 51 sections. In this session, thereare 59,651 booths in the National Pavilion. The booth arrangement is: 12,125brand booths and 47,526 regular booths, taking up 20.33% and 79.67%respectively. There are altogether 24,846 exhibitors: 8708 in Phase 1, 7511 inPhase 2, and 8627 in Phase 3.

TheInternational Pavilion will be set up in Phase 1 and Phase 3, with an area of20,000 square meters. There are 1000 booths and 6 product zones, and 650enterprises and 10 national and regional delegations from 38 countries andregions.

Xu said that onthe basis of brand booth selection and structural optimization of sections inthe 124th session, we will continue to optimize the mix ofexhibitors and specialization to improve quality of exhibition organization. Improve the standardization of exhibitionorganization. We’ve comprehensively improved series of regulation onexhibition organization and promoted relevant system building, made attempts onoptimizing Canton Fair exhibit report indicator. Improve quality of exhibitors. We stick to the 5% exhibitors’update ratio. Leading companies of various industries make active participationwith 2296 brand companies and over 30% new product. We’ve witnessed moreexhibitors with self-owned patents, brands and marketing, as well as moreproducts of high technological content, high added value and environmentallyfriendly products. Improvespecialization of exhibition organization. We’ve further optimized sub-dividing sections and set up 153product zones in 41 sections.

According to the needs of Chinese market andoverseas companies, we will set up the International Pavilion and play the roleof an open platform. Firstly, invitequality overseas exhibitors. Many leading companies from electronic andhousehold appliance, building material and hardware, machinery and equipment,food and beverage sectors in the US, UK, Germany and Japan will participate inthe International Pavilion. SecondlyBelt & Road exhibitors are the biggest participating party. We havetotally 383 exhibiting companies from 21 Belt & Road countries, accountingfor 60% of all exhibitors. Thirdly, holdglobal networking event for International Pavilion. We will take theopportunity of released Development Planfor Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and invite relevantcommerce departments of the greater bay area, foreign consulates general,chambers of commerce and associations from home and abroad, overseas tradepromotion organizations and overseas partners and agents to discuss on thecooperation opportunities and promote integration of business resources in andout of the greater bay area. Fourthly,increase invitation of domestic specialized buyers. We’ve enhanced onlineand offline integration and mobilized social media, government and industrialresources, and stepped up invitation to large supermarkets, e-commerceplatforms, import supermarkets and other specialized purchasing parties.

Xu mentioned that in this session we’ve stuck to the principle of“innovative, specialized, targeted and delicate”, focus on key sections andtarget markets, launch global promotion and buyer invitation in a targetedmanner, to provide a more convenient attending experience, more securetransactions and higher return for buyers.Firstly, spur innovation and launch global promotion. We’ve carried outglobal promotion through social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn and searchengine, and run advertising in professional media worldwide. Secondly, hold targeted promotion events.Based on specialized sections and target markets, we’ve adopted differentstrategies for different regions and countries and gone to 21 countries andregions for promotion; held 19 video conferences of Internet Promotion Campaignin 18 countries and regions such as the US, EU and B&R countries; expandedCanton Fair Global Partnership Program and deepened cooperation with 121industrial and commercial organizations of 71 countries and regions; improvedincentives for I-Invite activity and invitation of new buyers. Thirdly, pool resources and providedelicate services. We’ve stepped up our cooperation with internationalairlines and other organizations to provide more convenience and benefit forbuyers’ accommodation, transportation and catering; improved CRM of VIPcustomers, provided individual services and improved customer loyalty; expandedtrading services and held supply-buyer matchmaking activities.

Xu said that in the 125th CantonFair we will continue to improve information service, play Canton Fair’s roleas a comprehensive multi-functional platform to boost quality development offoreign trade. Firstly, organizehigh-end conferences and forums. We will organize 20 events, covering thethemes of international trade analysis, trade risk control, design andinnovation, test and inspection, quality control, color trend, etc. At the 70thanniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Russia, we will work withRussia Consulate in Guangzhou and Fortune Magazine to hold Canton Fair (Russia)International Market Forum to discuss opportunities for China-Russiacooperation. Secondly, enhance leadingeffect of CF Awards. We will launch a new round of CF Award selection. Withthe goal of “leading innovation, building standards, creating brands”, we willstick to the principle of “authoritative, professional, just and effective”,improve selection mechanism, optimize the structure of judges and selectproducts with outstanding value to produce an exemplary effect. Thirdly, promote open economic developmentof different regions. We will organize 50 promotion and trade matchmakingevents for 30 provinces and cities, and arrange 8 regional industrial clustersto exhibit in a concentrated way. Fourthly,improve the effect of Canton Fair product design and trade activities. Inthis session we will welcome 100 design agencies from 15 countries and regionsto participate in our design display and provide design services for exhibitingcompanies. We will also hold series of design activities to improve designcapacity of Chinese companies and Chinese manufacturing industry.

In this session we will continue to adopt a double-pronged approach:prevention and onsite handling to improve IPR protection and promote innovativedevelopment. Firstly, improve IPRprotection awareness. Through summarizing the experiences, classic cases,and results, we will nurture a culture of “respect for knowledge, advocacy ofinnovation, integrity and law-abiding” to ensure that IPR protection conceptstake root in people’s minds. Secondly, improveprecaution mechanism. We will step up inspection before the show,exhibitors’ self-examination, formal notice during the Fair to cover allexhibition sections. Thirdly, improve professional service. We willinvite experts of law enforcement department and trade dispute arbitrationprofessionals of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou Municipality to station atthe Fair, staff of chambers of commerce to assist the cases to make sure thecases are dealt with in a fair, just and strict manner. Fourthly, better theenvironment for case dealing. We will better the onsite environment forcase handling; improve the image and recognition of the Station to provideconvenience for right owners.

We continue toadvance “Smart Canton Fair” and accelerate the digital transformation of CantonFair. We will launch PEAP for wifi connection and improve user experience,develop transaction statistics function in the mini program of Wechat so thatexhibitors can report their transaction through mobile phones, optimize the overallstyle and distribution of Internet corners to ensure reasonable and convenientlocation, enrich the content of big data board and improve Canton Fair mapdisplay, improve registration system and introduce facial recognitiontechnology, and launch pilot project of non-contact badge verification machineto improve the efficiency of entering the venue.

We will continue to press ahead Canton Fair Green Development Plan 2.0and improve green development. Firstly,move forward building a green standard system. We will draft nationalstandard for exhibition industry and recommended catalogue for greencustom-built booths, advance the release of national standards Evaluation Guide of Green Booth, Guide on Operating Green Exhibition and Requirements of Security Management ofVenues. Secondly, strengthen exemplaryand guiding effect. We will optimize the awarding model of green boothcompetition, enrich the awards and improve overall display; we will hold CantonFair “Green Space” show to share exhibitors’ pragmatic experience of greeninnovation. Thirdly, strengthen themanagement and control of solid waste. We will popularize the usage ofprofessional materials, issue methods on classification and dealing of solidwaste, strengthen management and control of the whole procedure to reduceexhibition garbage.

To implement the strategy on povertyalleviation by business development, we will continue to drive targeted povertyalleviation through business. Firstly, cancel booth fee for exhibitors from poor areas. It is estimated that morethan 700 exhibitors accumulatively will participate for free. Secondly, we will set up the TraditionalChinese Specialties section. 170 exhibiting companies from 22 provinces andcities with altogether 190 booths will showcase feature products such astextile and garment, cases and bags, food etc. Thirdly, hold promotion event for Traditional Chinese Specialtiessection. To further improve exhibition effect, we will hold promotion eventfor this section on the first day of Phase 3. Fourthly, improve trading and negotiating service. We willstrengthen section navigation, provide free interpretation service forexhibitors and also provide guiding and training on making transaction tosupport these companies develop global market.

Toreduce cost for exhibiting companies, we will collect booth fee according tothe reduced standard of the 119th session, cancel 23 service fees,lay carpet for free to relieve exhibitors’ burden.

Xuemphasized that we should have concept of secure development to ensure thestable operation of the fair. We’ve worked closely with relevant departments ofGuangdong Province and Guangzhou Municipality to build a comprehensive securityand prevention system; enhanced supervision of safe production and introducedbig data technology to build three-dimensional, 24/7, comprehensive securitysystem; strengthened booth management and cracked down upon “blacklistedagencies” to handle dispute on booth usage in a fast and transparent manner;enhanced management of on-site construction, fire prevention and power usage,refined our work procedures and closed security loopholes, and improved allkinds of emergency plans and our capacity.

Xu Bing also answered questions of journalists on Canton Fair’s contributionto stable and quality growth of foreign trade, promotion of “Belt and Road” tradecooperation, highlights of the International Pavilion, contribution to targetedpoverty reduction and national development strategy, and buyer attendance.

In this sessionsome key events are as follows.

The OpeningReception of the 125th Canton Fair will be held in Westin Hotel inthe evening of April 14th.

Canton FairInternational Market Forum “China and Russia: New Era, New Cooperation” will beheld in the afternoon of April 16th.

Canton FairInternational Pavilion Networking “Focus on the Greater Bay Area, Share GlobalOpportunities” will be held in the evening of April 16th.

Promotion eventfor Traditional Chinese Specialty section will be held in the afternoon of May1st.


 (CantonFair Press Center)